Lent Outreach


Hi Pastor Greg! Well just got back from loaves and fishes. When I got to church I was shocked that the Sunday school Room tables were full again!!!! And Mike dart took his stimulus money and made these little personal satchels full of goodies each with its own tent also!!! Wow!  I will send a pic of my car you will see those in the front seat. Thankfully was able to get it all in will come back on Friday to pick up the food barrel as Carmen asked to keep it a few more days where she can bring her stuff.  When I got to loaves and fishes the warehouse manager said "oh I remember you! Is your car full again?"  I said yes and he got the forklift and brought down another crate!  I told him how amazed I was at so much stuff our little church donated even though we are not meeting for service!  He said " it may be a little church but it's got a big heart!" Isnt that the TRUTH! 


Well leaving food bank now! I about died when I got to the church and saw the barrel overflowing again even extra items on the table!  Wow! Our church!!!  Loading up all those heavy bags is just like working on the farm!!!! 🤣I mean, our church DELIVERED! So you ready? 1st time 140 lbs, 2nd barrel, 180 lbs, 3rd barrel, today, 240 lbs, TOTAL 560 LBS!!!!! ohmygoodness!!!  I took a picture with one other helper in front of our load today they will put that on Facebook. 


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